The Fermanagh Musical Theater will present the summer production of “Curtains”



The FERMANAGH Musical Theater (FMT) recently announced the distribution of its upcoming musical, “Curtains,” as the local theater company plans its first live production after the lockdown in August.

After a difficult year for all theater companies due to the pandemic, Moya Sweeney, Music Director of FMT’s “Curtains” production, is very positive that the show will continue, whether it is presented to an audience limited to Ardhowen or broadcast live from the theater to the home audience.

“Since last year, with everything canceled, we were really hoping we could do something this year, even if it was a live broadcast,” Moya said, speaking to The Impartial. Report.

“We want to release something. I think everyone has missed the theater and the live shows, whether it’s music or theater, so we really want to release something, ”she said, noting that FMT was planning to show“ Curtains ” In August, in accordance with all Covid regulations and guidelines are in place at that time.

“If we are allowed to have limited capacity in the Ardhowen, then we will continue 100% with that there, getting all the numbers that are allowed to us,” Moya added.

She went on to explain that the theater company also had the rights to air the show for five nights.

“We hope we can do something, whether it’s in person or live. We’re just going to take whatever life throws at us, I guess, ”she said.

Speaking of the musical, Moya explained that it was a “light murder mystery”.

“It’s a show within a show, in that the whole storyline is for the production company of the story to put on a show, and on opening night one of the main cast members is murdered.

“A Boston detective is called in to solve the murder, and everyone in the cast is a suspect,” she said, adding that every member of the cast plays an important role in the storyline.

“There isn’t really a main character; everyone is really important, in the sense that everyone is a suspect for this murder that happened. It’s really fun.”

Social distancing

After social distance auditions, the cast has now been chosen. Speaking about the audition process and its alternate format, Moya said, “We did auditions, all online, which was a really weird experience.

“Usually we would be in a room somewhere and people would come in from noon to 5 pm.

“You would have your dance auditions, your acting, then your singing.

“Everyone would be there all day, so now it was just a matter of sending your song of choice, then your play, and learning a dance that our choreographer Aimee had concocted and sending in a dance. video of that.

“So it was a little easier for people to audition. Everything was in line for the audition process, but fingers crossed for rehearsals. Maybe closer to when we get some in-person action, ”Moya said.

FMT is a community theater company that brings exceptional musical theater performances to audiences in Fermanagh and beyond.

The theater company committee includes president Nadia Stenson; vice-president, Aine Leonard; treasurer, Grainne Kennedy; Secretary, Eibhlinn Fee; PRO, Rhys Hopkins; and well-being, Niamh Carney.

The production crew for “Curtains” includes director Sam McElgunn; musical director, Moya Sweeney; and choreographer, Aimee Drumm.

“We were talking to each other on the production team, and I was saying the first time I hear a round of applause, I think I’m going to cry,” Moya said.

“We just went so long without having a live audience or people laughing, clapping or clapping, I think it will be an amazing experience to hear that again.

“Even if it’s only 25 people, I think it will be amazing,” she told the newspaper.



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