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EVERYONE will be a stage for Stephanie Clarkson, who got an early entry into one of Australia’s most prestigious theater management courses. The Grade 12 student from Armidale School said she was “ecstatic” to learn of her acceptance into a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Theater and Stage Management) at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Sydney, one of 14-16 students nationwide. . Playing a no-nonsense role in directing is what she can think of as her second home, the Hoskins Creative Arts Center in TAS, where she learned stage, lighting and audio skills in the 240-seat theater built on measure. READ ALSO: “I’ve never been a playwright, it’s about being behind the scenes. Until I come to TAS and find out about the Hoskins Center and its incredible resources, I wouldn’t have never thought of doing something like that, ”she said. “I directed this year’s school musical, ‘Oliver!’ and I just loved it and realized that I didn’t want to do anything else. Having professional companies that use theater was also a learning experience and I helped get in and out of festivals in Sydney and Melbourne comedy. ”Added to this was expertise in sound, lighting and stage management at a lunchtime after-school club run by Hoskins COO Michael Cornford. As part of a production project required for her NIDA app, Stephanie designed a concept set, props and storyboard for the musical “Hair” and was interviewed about her experience. The curriculum covers the theory and practice of stage management, production management, lighting, audio, technical drawing, and live performance video. Students also receive hands-on experience as stage managers, technical directors and technical designers and live production teams in NIDA theaters. Click here and you can subscribe to everything the Armidale Express has to offer.




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