Soap Opera News and spoilers for the week of September 27, 2021


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You don’t have to miss a beat with our highlights of all the latest news for The daring and the beautiful, Days of our lives, General Hospital, and The young and the restless all in one convenient place.

Ever since Eric started pushing Quinn to seek sexual satisfaction with Carter, fans have had a lot to say… and John McCook has listened. Read what he told fans in response to the controversial story, then take a trip down Memory Lane as the actor shares his thoughts on Eric’s many exes.

In this week Bold and beautiful Column Soapbox, guest critic Charlie rings the bell on everything from the show’s new Gladys Kravitz to the quirk of Justin’s latest task (and behavior). Plus, where’s Dr Ruth when we need her?!?


Legendary Days star Deidre Hall is currently reliving her most infamous story, the possession of Marlena. The actress took advantage of her latest interview to share her thoughts on retirement and respond to rumors there were issues on set with co-star Lisa Rinna (Billie). Read what Hall said about the alleged feud and more.

In this week Days of our lives Chronicle, Richard wonders if Marlena is about to take her first victim, sings the praises of Chanel and suggests that Ben and Ciara chill their baby jets.

Sonny is livid GH

After nearly a year at Nixon Falls, Sonny finally returned to Port Charles. And as fans struggled to get him to abandon Mike’s character, we couldn’t help but be disappointed with what should have been a huge moment. In fact, we were led to believe that Sonny’s return should have been delayed a day… so he could come in and find Jason and Carly in bed. Wait, wait… listen to us! Then get Maurice Benard’s thoughts on Sonny’s feelings for Nina and an update on Buddy the Goat.

Dustin hasn’t given much thought to Sonny’s painfully anti-drama return to Port Charles, assumes the Mob boss will eventually put Nina to bed, shook his head at the latest failure to finish Peter, and is surprised to take advantage of the teens the most. in the last General hospital column.

Daniel Goddard Rod "The young and the restless" Together with Tracey Bregman, Christian LeBlanc, Christel Khalil, Daniel GoddardCBS television CityLos Angeles04 / 30/15 © John Paschal / jpistudios.com310-657-9661

With Billy and Lily getting closer by the day, some fans have suggested that now is the time for Cane to make a comeback. In our exclusive interview with Daniel Goddard, we asked if this could be a possibility… and his answer might surprise you.

Candace thought Jack’s standalone episode was pointless, has questions about Sharon’s romantic future, enjoyed Nick throwing a towel, and suspects that Locke’s plot will fail in his latest The young and the restless column.

Ready for more details on what’s coming to your soaps next week? We have your sizzling previews!

  • It looks like things could finally get out of hand for Sheila. She finds it hard to believe it when Steffy pushes her aside. Could this confrontation turn sour? Watch the Bold and beautiful weekly spoiler video.
  • Doug is trapped in the hospital and realizes that Marlena is not only possessed but wants her dead. Will someone save him? Find out in the Days of our lives weekly spoiler video.
  • As Moses wonders why Faith is pulling away from him, Victoria questions Phyllis about what Nick is doing, and Nikki orders Billy to back off in the last one. Young and restless video spoilers.

Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas 2021 Actors and Movies

Hallmark will begin its countdown to Christmas at the end of October and viewers can expect to see a few favorites of the day appear. Get this year’s schedule and all the details currently available.

  • As Grey’s Anatomy kicking off his 18th season, it looks like he will bring back two fan favorites and could kill a third.
  • After watching the first two episodes of Fox’s sparkling new drama The big jump, we call him one of the best soaps of the year. Here’s why and everything you need to know to have fun.

And finally, join us to learn about some of the worst characters from the soap opera. We’re talking about characters who hit their respective soap operas with high hopes… but who quickly turned out to be hated unpopular views!


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