Shrewsbury TV potter helps musical theater production


Shrewsbury potter and NHS retiree Lucinda Lovesey, who was taking part in Channel 4’s Great Pottery Throwdown this year, recently gave up some free time to offer pottery coaching to the young woman playing Molly in the upcoming production of Ghost the Musical at the Severn Theater in Shrewsbury.

Jess Knowles pictured with local potter Lucinda Lovesey

Primary school teacher Jess Knowles takes on the female lead role with the Shrewsbury Musical Theater Company. With less than a month until show week, she’s determined to portray the character with as much authenticity as possible but, having never been near a potter’s wheel before, Saturday’s practice session last with Lucinda went a long way towards making it look like Jess will know what she’s doing when she’s on stage with the wheel!

It’s an example of how members of the Shrewsbury Musical Theater Company often go the extra mile to make their character portrayal believable.

Jess said after her pottery class, “Working with Lucinda was such a great experience! It was nice to get advice from a pottery expert on how to bring the iconic scene to life and make it even more realistic! I think it really helps show Molly’s artistic side, as I think she really pours her emotions into her pottery! It will make the scene really special to be part of.

Lucinda, from Picklescott, near Shrewsbury, narrowly missed out on a place in the final of the Series 5 Throwdown competition in the spring.

The amateur production of the musical version of the favorite 90s film takes place October 20-22 at Theater Severn’s Walker Theater and is presented through a special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

Tickets are available at the Severn Theater box office.


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