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The National Alliance for Musical Theater (Betsy King Militello, Executive Director) is delighted to announce the lineup of new musicals for their 33rd annual Festival of New Musicals on Thursday October 20 and Friday October 21, 2021. This year, NAMT The Festival of New Musicals will be presented as a unique digital and in-person hybrid, allowing greater accessibility for attendees.

Now in his 33rd This year, the National Alliance for Musical Theater Festival of New Musicals attracts theater producers from around the world to experience eight new musicals over two days. The production costs are covered by NAMT, which fully funds the Festival through donations and sponsorships.

The Festival presented musical theater producers with nearly 300 musicals and more than 500 writers from around the world. As a direct consequence of the Festival des nouvelles musicales, more than 85% of the shows presented were the subject of subsequent readings, workshops, productions or tours; been made redundant; and / or recorded on distribution albums. Some past Festival shows include Come From Away, Lempicka, the sleepy chaperone , Lizard Boy, Benny & Joon , Grenadine darling, Ordinary days, strike 12, it should’ve been you, highway and Resolutely modern Millie , among many others.

NAMT will be filming live performances of all of the Festival’s musicals this year. These presentations will then be screened at an in-person event on October 20 and 21. Members of the industry are welcome to attend the screening, where they can also meet with the writers, or they can view a live broadcast of the presentations, which will be presented in conjunction with Broadway On Demand. As seating during the live event will be strictly limited, the public can access the streaming portion of the festival by making a small donation to NAMT.

Registration for the festival will begin later in July at

This year, a committee of 15 theater professionals selected eight new musicals from over 200 applications. The musicals chosen for the 33 rd Annual festival are:

Azul (Book by Melis Aker and Tatiana Pandiani, Music by Jacinta Clusellas, Words by Jacinta Clusellas and Ruben Dario). In an epic world of magical realism, Bluebird, an idealistic poet, seeks a better life in a new land. Years later, in today’s Jackson Heights, Rita, a songwriter, struggles to forgive her father, understand her roots, and reconnect to a land she has never known. AZUL is a bilingual show, as well as a deep psychological dive into the immigrant father-daughter relationship. He questions the place of art in capitalism and explores how memory and the imagination reshape immigrant identity. The score is a constellation of songs rooted in Latin American folk traditions, as well as jazz and chamber music.

Fanny and Stella: a fabulous new musical (Music and lyrics by Eamonn O’Dwyer, book by SEVAN). London, 1870s: Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton were run-of-the-mill middle-class boys who grew up in Dulwich, who fled their suburban upbringing to live as Fanny & Stella in frenetic Victorian London. A conflict with the law throws them into their own twist: the sensational trial-show of the “He-She Ladies”. Dominating the press and scandalizing the nation, the investigation uncovered all the sordid details of their wild life. In an age when the mere fact of being themselves made them a threat to the establishment, this ordeal would test their extraordinary friendship and the resolve of an empire.

Little Duende (Music and lyrics by Robi Hager, book and lyrics by Georgina Escobar). In the land of Elflán, life and beauty flourish. Adelita, an adventurous and curious young elf, is eager to find what lies beyond the horizon. When the evil spirit of La Mancha kidnaps her mother, Adelita is forced to travel north to the land of the Hadaseñas in the hope of being reunited with her again. Little Duende is a musical comedy with aesthetic accents by Pixar coco and Guillermo Del Toro Pan’s Labyrinth . With fairy tales and mythological themes, this music comments on real world issues by exploring the crisis of borders, dual nationality and the consequences of a family secret.

Maya (Book and music by Cheeyang Ng, book and lyrics by Eric Sorrels). Maya it is many things: it is a philosophy of Hinduism; the idea that the world around us is really an illusion; and a girl’s name. Located in the British Raj in 1930, Maya is the story of a struggling poet who needs a wake-up call, much like India itself. When Gandhi’s nonviolent independence movement arrives at Māyā’s gate, she is plunged into one of the most turbulent political climates in history. When she commits to the cause, she begins to shatter the illusions that have deceived her to find the difference she will truly make.

The missing peace (Book, music and lyrics by Kalani Queypo and Kyle Puccia). Chase wakes up from a coma, his past is unclear. Much to his family’s surprise, Chase is happy and free until the dark memories start to return like quick cuts from a movie trailer that just don’t add up. As Chase grapples with his suicide attempt, the bad choices he made and the people he hurt along the way, he begins to overcome his pain and heal his relationships with those he loves. most.

Private Gomer Jones (Written by Marshall Pailet). 1914. Young Gomer Jones has ambitions to join the Welsh army. But since he lost his hearing, he needs the help of a nurse with ties to the deaf community to rig his way in front of recruiters. And so begins Gomer’s journey as a deaf soldier pretending not to be a deaf soldier. He loses friends, his moral compass and his humanity. And then, through a series of moments in an increasingly insane war, he finds himself. When he returned to Wales his sense of goal was decimated. But the hope of a humanistic life has been found.

Senior class (Book, melodies and lyrics by Melvin Tunstall, music by Greg Borowsky). When the music production of the senior class of My beautiful lady canceled due to budget cuts, two theater nerds in Harlem convince school to put on a one-night-only, royalty-free staging Pygmalion . When they meet a subway dancer named Alizé, art begins to imitate life as they attempt to transform her into their perfect Eliza Doolittle. However, this new modern day Eliza educates them all as she proves that she can dooolittle and so much more.

TL; DR: Thelma Louise; Dyke Remix (Book and lyrics by EllaRose Chary, music and lyrics by Brandon James Gwinn). TL; DR: Thelma Louise; Dyke Remix is a whimsical, irreverent, and rocky meta-analysis of queer women in media that asks, “Why do strong female characters always have to die?” “. The cast and group, made up of six queer people, challenge the traditional concept of cis, white, female, lean, valid and inspired by the male gaze of queer women in the media. We start with T and L hanging in the air over the Grand Canyon – they quickly kiss each other and then, with the help of their new queer community (The Band), seek out a queer future that was never shaped for. them, the happy ending they deserve.


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