Dixie D’Amelio’s dating story is essentially a TikTok soap opera


Remember the start of 2020 when you had no idea who Dixie D’Amelio was? Yeah, flash-forward a year-and-a-half and she’s famous enough to show up until the Met Gala, an event so exclusive that even top celebrities struggle to score Anna Wintour’s invitations. Like, Kourtney Kardashian wasn’t on the guest list and she’s half of everyone’s favorite pop punk couple!

Either way, like many TikTokers, Dixie, 20, has managed to generate a lot of interest in her personal life. Really, the drama lurking in the TikTok tearoom reviews could fill a fucking book. In fact, there is so much interest around Dixie and her younger sister Charli that Hulu gave their whole family a reality show, where Dixie’s boyfriend, Noah Beck, is a recurring presence. Here’s what you need to know about their vibe, as well as Dixie’s hugely dramatic relationship history with Griffin Johnson before him.

Griffin Johnson: February 2020 to July 2020

It all started – where else ?! – on TikTok, when Griffin shared this video essentially confirming that he and Dixie were in love with each other:

They went official about a month later in March and were pretty obvious about their relationship on TikTok. Give the fans what they want, you know?

In May 2020, Dixie and Griffin starred in a YouTube show called General attaway and just ~ happened ~ to play love interests. It was a whole, and frankly, I don’t understand why this masterpiece wasn’t nominated for an Emmy.


Regardless, things were going pretty well during the summer until July 2020, when Dixie suddenly stopped following Griffin on Instagram, and Chase Hudson accused him of cheating on her. She then posted this video titled “My Last Date With Griffin” in August 2020, saying “Hey, so we broke up, but I had this video scheduled for today so I’m posting it anyway.”

As one fan put it in the YouTube comments, “Dixie is the wildest person on the internet, can’t help but laugh at the way she posted this, she’s the biggest we have never seen because this video makes him clowns so loud lmaooo. “

Psst: In May 2021, Dixie reflected on her relationship with Griffin, saying, “I’m not friends with him, really, but there’s no bad blood. It was just a stupid, immature relationship. We shouldn’t have been dating in the first place. We were cooler as friends, and just… we were like, “Oh my god! He was just stupid and immature.

She said what she said !!!!

August 2020 to Present

After breaking up with Griffin, Dixie began to spend more and more time relaxing with Noah Beck, and fans immediately began to speculate that they might be dating. These two dodged questions about their relationship for a while and insisted that they were just friends, but that was when September arrived. And uh, Dixie dropped the video for “Be Happy,” which featured her with Noah kissing. (Fun fact: The pair later confirmed that Noah dropped the L-word for the first time during this shoot, merp!)

Around the same time, Dixie’s ex-Griffin released a video of his own, which included the sharp line: “You said you’re just friends but you’re wearing his clothes.”

Subtle! Regardless, Dixie and Noah finally went public in October 2020 and have been doing well ever since.

Most recently, Noah gushed out of Dixie for GQ in August 2021, saying “The reason I love Dixie so much is that she’s my best friend, and when we go out I just feel like I’m hanging out with my friend, but she’s also … she is very attractive …. I always tell her that she has a dry sense of humor. She will make a joke and not laugh, while I have the energy of the golden retriever. “

Oh. Kay, I’m just gonna post some more cute pics before I go!

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