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Davis Musical Theater Company is looking for listeners for Titanic – The Musical.

All auditors will need to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a photo of the card. A negative Covid test within the previous 72 hours is required for children under 12.

Actors will be masked for auditions and recalls, as well as rehearsals and performances, in accordance with a mandate from Yolo County.

The musical, directed by Steve Isaacson, opens Friday, November 12 and runs through December 5

All Open Roles – Role Description

Thomas Andrews, the ship’s designer

Designer of the Titanic, who used the maiden voyage to polish the ship. Has the most dramatic solo in the show depicting the shipwreck. Relatively softly spoken but somewhat effaced. Sing very well.

Captain Edward J. Smith

The White Star Line’s most popular commodore and captain. Had to retire, but persuaded to make the Titanic’s maiden voyage as his last voyage. Must have a certain dignity and a certain appearance. Sing well.

J. Bruce Ismay

Chairman of the White Star Line and de facto owner of the Titanic. Very professional and well spoken. Sing well

Frederick Barrett (Stoker) Stoker

Work the boilers. Some solo singing works.

Kate McGowan Irish

Another Irish immigrant (steerage / 3rd class) and works mainly as one of the “Three Kates”. Romance with Jim Farrell.

Kate Mullins Irish

One of the ‘The Three Kates’ of the tween deck (3rd class),

Kate Murphy Irish

One of the ‘The Three Kates’ of the tween deck (3rd class),

Edgar Beane American

More content and less ambitious than his wife. More dialogue than song.

Alice Beane American

Very mobile upwards, offering a bit of comedy. Her most important singing work is a surprising amount of patter songs.

Isidor Strauss American Jew

1st class. Owner of Macy’s department store in New York. Devoted to his wife. Sing well.

Ida Strauss Jewish American

1st class. Devoted to her husband, refused to get into a lifeboat without him. Sing well

Caroline Neville

Fiancee to marry Charles and is looking to make a fresh start. Sing well.

Charles Clarke

Engaged to Caroline, wanting to make a new life in America, he is a journalist.

Henri Etchings

1st class steward (think waiter and butler combined). Served on White Star Line ships for some time and is very proud of it.

Bellboy (the cast can be a boy or a girl)

Attends to passenger needs, announces meals and assists other staff. At a poignant moment with the captain as the ship sinks

Frederick Fleet (lookout)

Surveillance in service when the vessel struck the iceberg. A few lines in the opening, a few lines of dialogue in act 2 but an important solo in the finale of act one.

Conductor Wallace Hartley

Titanic conductor sings the “Latest Rag”


A very large ensemble that will play other roles throughout the show. There is singing with most of the work of the Ensemble. Other roles will be excluded from the set, and pretty much everyone on the show will play multiple roles.


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